Beauty is in the Street

toured by Objectspace

  • 28 Apr - 18 May, 2017
  • Opening preview: Fri 28 Apr, 4:30 - 7pm
  • Curated by Elle Loui August

This exhibition begins in the everyday. What we wear, how we read, and the ways in which we move about and respond to the urban environment. Yet it develops from this beginning by looking at the everyday anew, through the eyes of emerging makers and designers—working within the fields of fashion, textiles, graphic design, ceramics and sculpture—who address political, ecological and imaginative issues of our present, and the ways in which their own making practices engage with and are implicated in these themes.

A reciprocal relationship between environment, design and individual experience is foregrounded in each of the works included in this exhibition. This manifests in each makers work through an understanding that design and making practices inform the way in which our sense of self is established and exist as languages of exchange in themselves. Languages through which we might communicate with one another and the idea of the city itself.

This exhibition was developed for Objectspace in 2016.  For Ramp Gallery, exhibition designer Biljana Popovic and curator Elle Loui August have reimagined elements of the exhibition in the new space. 

Catalogue text contributors: Lana Lopesi, Bridget Riggar and John Mutambu