Amanda Watson / Diane Prince / Ed Hanfling / Layne Waerea

  • 9 Oct - 27 Oct, 2017
  • Ramp Gallery

Curated by Ed Hanfling and students enrolled in the Media Arts contextual elective "After Post-modernism", Nebula features the work of Diane Prince, Layne Waerea and Amanda Watson. The exhibition explores tensions between affective and proprietary attachments to places and spaces, as well as between activism and aesthetics.

Diane Prince combines hard-hitting imagery with technical finesse in media such as sculptural installation, weaving and ink drawing. She has a strong background in political activism going back to the 1977-78 Bastion Point occupation, and in 1995 her work in the landmark exhibitionKorurangi: New Māori Art was removed from the Auckland Art Gallery after police threatened legal action.

Layne Waerea performs irreverent interventions that variously assert or challenge the legal and commodity status of seemingly prosaic environments and phenomena. She lives in Auckland and is founder and president of the chasing fog club (Est. 2014).

Amanda Watson is a Hamilton-based artist whose "landscape" paintings and occasional sculptures visualise not just physical environments, bodies and materials, but metaphysical experiences, spirit or wairua.