Template for local interactions

Ziggy Lever [Thinking Feeling]

  • Sat 23 May, 2-4pm, 2015
Saturday 23rd May, 2-4pm
Hamilton Gardens

Hungerford Crescent
SH1 (Off Cobham Drive)
As a prelude to the upcoming exhibition Thinking Feeling you are invited to join Ziggy Lever in the making of a cooperative artwork, Template for local interactions (Hamilton Gardens 23/05/2015)
Numbers are limited to 12 persons, please contact ziggylever (at) gmail (dot) com to make a booking.

Participants are invited to meet at the entrance to Gate one of the Hamilton Gardens 2pm, Saturday 23rd May. They will be given a cheap mobile phone and invited to make a response to the site via the phone's video, photo, sound and text functions- or a combination of these.

The data will be collated into a series of six films, which will be presented at various points during the course of Thinking Feeling on view at RAMP Gallery from 27 May - 19 June. All participants will be credited for their involvement in making the work.

This project seeks to open up a conversation around the problems of representing 'site' and consider how notions of 'place' are constructed to place value on particular ideologies and histories, and to the exclusion of others. How is time experienced differently in a garden space? What happens when multiple positions and stories are edited together?

Participants are pleased asked to be at the gates promptly at 2pm to meet the artist and receive instruction. The event will end at 4pm, when participants are invited to meet back at the gates.

An iteration of this work was presented at the Physics Room in Christchurch, and took place in the Christchurch Botanical Gardens on 30/05/2015.

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'Thinking Feeling'
Ziggy Lever & Joanna Margaret Paul
Curated by Paula Booker
Ramp Gallery
27 May - 19 June 2015