zines have no place in a University...

Bryce Galloway

  • Wed 7 May, 3:30pm, 2014
  • Workshop / Bryce Galloway
  • RAMP Gallery
Immediately preceding the opening of small press, curator and long-time zine-maker Bryce Galloway will hold a workshop in the gallery from 3:30pm, Wed 7 May.

Bryce Galloway teaches zine-making classes at Massey University, where the front page of the assignment reads: “Zines have no place in a university; the idea that a student could fail this paper for making a bad zine is perverse...” With ambivalence, Galloway has taken the punk rock DIY of the zine to university scholarship.

Hear Bryce talk about his mixed feelings on teaching zine-making, and why he persists.


(Zines (abbreviated from fanzines) are self-published magazines of an oddball nature)