4 x 3

Chris McBride / John Mandelberg / John Phillips / Xavier Meade

  • 21 Jul - 1 Aug, 2014

4x3 is an exhibition, a memory-bank, and a game. Conceived and organised by Xavier Meade and John Mandelberg, this project draws on the personal poster archives of four artist/designers who have been active in creating and collecting politically inspired posters during the past four decades: Chris McBride (Auckland), John Mandelberg (Hamilton), John Phillips (LondonPrintStudio) and Xavier Meade (Raglan).

With an initial set of three posters being put forward from their personal archives - the collaboration heats up when each artist responds to these initial works by proposing another poster that they feel in some way comments upon, or reflects the choices made by the others. This dialogue was completed when the final 48 posters were collated. 4x3, is the outcome of an enjoyable, intercontinental, time-travelling escapade, which was described by the artists’ as feeling at times as close to a game of poker, as it did an act of collaborative curation.

Join the artists in the gallery at 4pm, prior to the opening preview, for a discussion about this project.