Butter Love

Stuart Shepherd

  • 7 Sept - 28 Sept, 2007

Stuart Shepherd was born in Morrinsville, schooled at Peachgrove Road Intermediate and Hamilton Boys High and universitied at Waikato.

His last exhibition in Hamilton was over 20 years ago and was hosted by the Waikato Art Museum (before the present building was built) in the temporary premises that now serve as the venue for Hamilton's premier adult entertainment/strip club.

The new work that Shepherd has proposed for the RAMP Gallery pays homage to the Waikato of his upbringing, ( for better or worse)... to the fertility of the land and to a repressive era that outlawed gay culture while allowing the use of big sticks to hit kids as part of the schooling system.

Shepherd lectures in Fine Art at Massey University Wellington , his previous work has involved sculptural installations in the manner of stage sets often with kinetic components. This will be the first time the artist has worked with dairy products as a sculptural material.


Written By Michelle Lunn.