Brydee Rood / Sara Hughes

  • 5 Aug, 2000

"From" is a preposition. It is a word that shows the certain relationships between other words. It is the relationship that we are interested in exploring in order to compare our work. The concept of this exhibition is to explore the notion of 'from' and how it relates to our work and how our work relates to it.

From introduces connections of place and belonging, which are issues we are both aware of in our work. Our experiences of 'from' are different, but we both create work 'from' our own direct environment. Our aim in showing our work together is to stimulate the viewer with two unique perceptions specific to habitat and culture.

Multiplicity and color are shared concerns for both artists. The colors that we each employ in our work, though sourced from different environments, share an uncontaminated vibrancy in an attempt to seduce and tantalize the viewer. Color is used by us both in association with the material. A materiality that explores decorative patterning in one instance and in the other a consumer relationship with material existence. Multiplicity is a way in which we both work independently from each other, but it is a link that draws us together. Through repetition and multiples we visually explore the recurring nature of the regional, international, the decorative and the generic.

Sara Hughes & Brydee Rood