Honours 03

Andrew Steven / Angela Grimmer / Antoinette Ratcliffe / Carolyn Dekkers / Dale Gilmore / Jane Kirkpatr / Paul Judd / Richard Trevithick

  • 8 May - 28 May , 2003

It's that time of year when those ancient familiar faces suddenly reappear...ya'know, the ones that used to lurk in the dark hallways at the end of last year looking all stressed and haggard. Now their mighty Graduates and much more cheerful altogether (apparently the Real World ain't that bad!). There were a fair few of them around on Wednesday which distracted me from the art a little, but it's well worth a look. Like the huge pile of dirt (with spade), splendidly prominent on the white floor. Along with a video sequence, this comprised Carolyn Dekkers' installation '...but I know what is is I am missing'.

Apart from Angela Grimmer's photography, the majority of the work was painting based, but with different spin put on by experimenting with textures, materials and ironic abstraction.

The Media Arts Honours programme  is a chance for students to research ideas/techniques in depth and develop their individual processes of creating art. Take the chance to check out some accomplished and original work that's a credit to its creators.