Angela Tiatia

  • 6 Aug - 7 Sep, 2018
  • #WintecSpark 18
  • Opening event: Mon 6 Aug, 5 - 7pm
  • Ramp Gallery


Commissioned by Runway Australian Experimental Art, Interference explores the dualities and multiplicities of inference from internal and external forces that shape our daily experiences.  Made in collaboration with and in response to Amrita Hepi's work 'A Caltex Spectrum' (2018).  Performers Jahra Rager, Tyrone Robinson, Sela Vai.

Angela Tiatia is a multimedia artist who explores contemporary culture, drawing attention to its relationship to representation, gender, neo-colonialism and the commodification of the body and place.

Angela will present a public artist talk on Monday 5 Aug at 9:30am, Events Room 1, The Hub, Wintec.

Angela will also present a practical workshop on using blue and green screen effects and editing techniques for working with moving image.  This will be held on Tue 7 Aug - check out the #WintecSpark 2018 website for details and to secure a spot.

This exhibition is part of festival week #WintecSpark 2018