Antoinette Ratcliffe

  • 28 Feb - 8 Mar, 2011

Wintec's RAMP Gallery opens its doors for the first time for 2011, as Media Arts Masters student Antoinette Ratcliffe explores contemporary animation, comedy and horror conventions in banal situations through her exhibition, Maddie.

Antoinette is a Wellington based artist, who has spent the year travelling to Wintec to undertake her Master of Arts at the School of Media Arts, at Wintec's City campus.

Opening on Monday 28 February, Maddie is the culmination of Antoinette's Masters Project.

This installation-based exhibition expresses the concept of hybridity throughout a narrative structure. The show is combined with a publication which explains the story of Maddie.

Each installation works independently, while still being influenced by the previous one. The walls or frames represent the time lapse between each frame presented to the audience, which unfold like a comic book.