Mind Map

Curated by Kim Paton

  • 20 Mar - 5 Apr, 2012

Mind maps are a visual way to approach developing ideas - a roaming freeform graph that connects words and concepts through personal association rather than a formal or constructed framework. While fast becoming a term adopted by MBA graduates and strategy-planning groups, the most simple and effective function of the mind map is its visual power to bring ideas to life.

A mind map disregards hierarchy and linear organisation in favour of embracing the strangeness of thought. Ideas are organised in radical arrangements, developing strength and expanding based on our own subjective knowledge and experience. In a mind map meaning is derived from wherever it most makes sense for the author, it could be the Oxford Dictionary but more likely it’s a book or a film or childhood memory.

Mind Map at RAMP Gallery is a collaborative project capturing the potential of subjective thought. A mind map will grow over the walls of the gallery as students and visitors make associations and add their ideas. Manned by a team of installers, visitors to RAMP add their contribution and can watch as the large-scale drawing unfolds.

Mind Map explores the potential of mapping ideas as a drawing and research tool for students studying in Media Arts but will appeal to any avid visual thinker who has ever contemplated the wonder and weirdness of how one thing leads to another.

Exhibition open to the public: 26 March to 5 April (Monday to Friday 12-4pm)

Gallery Event Evening:  Tuesday 3 April - 5-7pm