Monkey Godmother DELUXE

Nicky Deeley

  • 3 May - 24 May, 2002

Monkey Godmother Deluxe is a series of wall paintings, covering the entire gallery. The work uses Nicky's personal palette of subtle and muted tones to create a surround sound of art.

Character, sets, locations, props and scenarios sit next to each other to contribute to a stripped down skeleton narrative. Each image, shape, colour and size are arranged according to the group's internal poetical rhythm. Elements are chosen from my mental library, some are favourites that can work easily with others, appearing frequently, such as the monkey face, severed octopus tentacles, rabbit skin wearing children, roast chicken, prairie house and service stations. Others have developed throughout my practice to become ironic and metaphoric.

Nicky Deeley, 2002

Nicky Deeley graduated from the Waikato Institute of Technology, with a Bachelor of Media Arts, majoring in Painting in 1998. She has a comic approach to picture making. Images are treated as selected panels from a comic strip or a animated film, presenting feelings of American Mid-West gothic and small town supernatural dramas.