Opposed to

Wintec Students

  • 26 Jul, 2002

Opposed to:

The Modernist 'white cube' exhibition model has become an artistic institution. Its power to render any object placed within its four walls into art, has in turn transformed the viewer into a passive observer. Questioning the ideals and value represented by the 'white cube' has been and still is perused by the artists seeking an alternative to its elitist connotations. 'opposed to' is an exhibition that considers this issue, but more specifically explores the relationship which currently exists between alternative spaces and the 'white cube'. The work consists of documentation taken from an installation experimenting with alternative spaces and viewer participation. The installation, a white chalk drawing on the ramp gallery floor plan was installed in front of the Waikato Institute of Technology library. Viewers were encouraged to interact with the space and then respond to it. in turn installing this collective documentation in the ramp gallery the value of the gallery as a contextualizing tool has been acknowledged. 

Opposed to, therefore is an exhibition which attempts to link the traditional ideals of the white cube exhibition model with the more alternative ideas of art spaces.