Tony Nicholls

  • 16 Mar - 6 Apr, 2010

Tony has been the resident technician for sculpture at media arts for 10year . His sculptural work has steadily been gaining national renown and this exhibition marks the completion of his masters degree in Fine Arts.

Tony makes sculptural work that references the world of international hi-end, hi-tec audio showrooms, but there is a twist. The speaker cabinetry, with an elegant tardis quality, operates as fantastic machines that actually illustrate the physics of sound. Fine wires and wands attatched to the speakers send vibrations and patterns out into the sculptural space of the gallery.

Tony is a furniture-maker/jeweler/ engineer and the marriage of these domains in the big square box of Ramp Gallery creates an immaculate zone of pure sound and kinetic response.

This is an exquisite , experiential exhibition, and a great start to the year at Ramp gallery .