Public Good

Anthony Cribb / Elisapeta Heta / Kim Paton / Stuart Shepherd

  • 30 Oct - 22 Nov, 2013
  • curated by Kim Paton

RAMP Gallery presents Public Good - part of the ongoing series of exhibitions and publications examining the use of land and resources belonging to the commons.

Roads, parks, footpaths and common areas form the coordinates of our day-to-day experience. Our potential to give input into how our towns and cities are shaped through city planning, urban design and the delivery of public goods and services is largely dictated by economic and regulatory processes. The experience of making our voices heard as citizens, whether in complaint or as suggestion are filtered through bureaucratic procedures which can lack creativity and sustainability, ultimately not servicing all of the rightful users.

For Public Good, artists Stuart Shepherd and Anthony Cribb and architect Elisapeta Heta present works that document and contest the status quo. What happens when we loosen the reigns on prescribed theories of what public space looks like and who it should service?

Panel Discussion: This is Public Art? Wednesday 6 November 5:30pm