Selected Proofs

Peter Trevelyan

  • 21 Feb - 15 Mar, 2012

Selected Proofs consists of a large series of small works, in pencil lead and paper. In this exhibition, Trevelyan continues to explore ideas of geometry, architecture and drawing. Employing a light touch, Selected Proofs questions our expectations of these precise and unyeilding systems. With approximately 50 pieces, Selected Proofs provides an almost narrative thread of the evolution of Trevelyan's visual hypothesis.

“Seemingly detached from the obligations of strength and robustness, Trevelyan's sculpture initially appears insubstantial, model-like or ephemeral... Despite its three dimensions the artist has often referred to [his] work as a 'drawing'; it seems to fit most comfortably within the category of paper, models and things temporary. Its formal characteristics are familiar from other recent works of Trevelyan's, which have employed architectural composition, light and shadow play, and a structural connection with the classical forms of geometry.”

“More akin to sleight of hand, the pencil lead sculptures offer a three-dimensional form which is closer to a drawing, or to an idea, than full-scale architecture.

The work exists as an anomaly—why go to such meticulous lengths to sustain structural integrity and use a form renowned for its stability if you are going to build in a material as fragile as pencil lead? The answer can only be for entertainment—courting the impossibility of imagined structures, tiptoeing as close to the brink of possibility as the material allows.”

 Permission kindly given by Abby Cunnae, Hirschfeld Gallery Curator, City Gallery, Wellington to reproduce these excerpts from her essay “The Light Fantastic: Peter Trevelyan”, 2010. For the complete essay, see City Gallery archives here


Opening Preview: Tuesday 21st February 5.30-7.30pm

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