Somewhere Around Here

Tim Croucher

  • 17 Oct - 15 Nov, 2019
  • Opening event: Wed 16 Oct, 4 - 7pm

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Join us for the opening of academic and artist, Tim Croucher’s exhibition, Somewhere Around Here on Wednesday 16 October from 4pm.

Tim Croucher’s paintings often explore the exotic in the everyday. Lush colour palettes and gestural marks lend urban vistas a dreamy quality. This exhibition of new paintings continues that line of enquiry; Croucher explores the curious contradictions he observes while travelling (often on his motorbike) around Kirikiriroa (Hamilton) and the Waikato region. The paintings in Somewhere Around Here mine the sultry beauty in the banal.

Acting as a kind of preface to this suite of new paintings, Croucher has also brought together a group of artworks from his own collection and others that he has borrowed from friends. Displayed together, they become pointers to some aspects of his artistic point-of-view and approach to his studio practice. We can see where the gestural or painterly derivation from (photographic) observed or lived experience are explored; the montage of the melodramatic with the every-day is celebrated and the mythic cohabits with the familiar.

Somewhere Around Here becomes an insight into the way Croucher integrates his artistic impulses with his affection for the culture(s) he lives in.

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