Te Ao Mariko

Kereama Taepa

  • 23 Oct - 13 Nov, 2020
  • Opening event 22nd Oct

“Te Ao Mariko” explores ideas around how Te Ao Māori engages with the ever increasing virtual and digital worlds within which we spend most of our time… and vice versa. Taepa employs various methods of making artistic work through Animation, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 3D printing. Ultimately, Taepa’s work intends to create a philosophical platform that enables digital Māori artists to create their work through a Māori lens.

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Ramp Podcast with Kereama Taepa

Journalist Aimee Cronin connects with Kereama Taepa, who speaks to the rich history of innovation within Maori culture as he mixes traditional Maori carving with virtual reality and 3-D printing.

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