That night there was wind in the trees and other paintings

Ruth Thomas-Edmond

  • 24 Mar - 10 Apr, 2009

Thomas-Edmond's work renews our wonder of the meandering journey and the particular passage that is the exploration of visual space. Her work operates at both the level of the map and the territory simultaneously, for she creates spaces while recording them. Yet because she generates her own territory, literally making her own terrain, she evades having to actually refer to any location or real place. The paintings are reminiscent, they resemble and they float like thought bubbles, ideas or memories.

The subject matter of her work, as much as it hints at escape into imaginary landscapes, is the act of creating and decision making itself; the choice of scale and direction of mark comes to bare on the character and progress of the whole piece. The work is imbued with aspects of our everyday lives; tracts of time, momentary tea breaks, interruptions and concentration. They hum, shiver, shimmer, vibrate and oscillate.

Ruth Thomas-Edmond was born in Wellington in 1977. She studied in Auckland at Elam School of Fine Arts in the Painting Department. Having gained her Masters degree in 2005, she went on to work at Elam as a teacher. Thomas-Edmond is represented by Anna Bibby Gallery in Auckland and has shown in public galleries across New Zealand.