The Department of Words

Carol Fletcher

  • 13 Apr - 3 May, 2011

RAMP Gallery will transform into a sub-department of Wintec's School of Media Arts for its' upcoming exhibition, "Department of Words".

The artist, Carol Fletcher, will be working as a Departmental Assistant in the space collecting art-speak words, selling Department of Words publications (books of words), and displaying the word collection on the walls. Department of Words is an exhibition that will develop over time, eventually leaving the artists' expressions in a creative format throughout RAMP Gallery.

Carol Fletcher is a conceptual/installation artist, who currently resides in Raglan. She graduated from Wintec with a Bachelor of Media Arts (Visual Arts) in 2005 and completed her Masters in Fine Arts at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design in 2010.
Carol's work has been focused on institutional critique, looking at the art world, especially the art school. For Carol's Masters, she looked at what it was to be an art student within an art school.

Department of Word will be a continuation of this critique, creating a stage set to open up discussion around the learning and usage of 'art speak' within art school institutions.