The Liberation of Limitation

Mark Hamilton

  • 31 Jul - 21 Aug, 2020
  • Opening preview Thursday 30 July, 4pm

Scrolling through Waikato photographer, Mark Hamilton’s Instagram page during lockdown earlier this year was a delight and a joy.  His photos seemed to capture the mood of this time – a quiet, reflective sense of home.  But they also had that slightly strange, unsettling quality that the Waikato is so good at delivering. 

It was, therefore, an easy decision for the gallery to ask Mark to exhibit some of these works for our first show opening since lockdown.  In this exhibition Mark presents a series of photos titled The Liberation of Limitation.

In addition, we commissioned Hamilton based writer, Faith Wilson to reflect on Mark’s photos. For her, the pictures triggered memories of a long-standing, complex friendship, cultivated in the early morning hours going to school in Hamilton East, and surviving to this day. 

Faith has written a piece titled Ride or Die which is quietly reflective, personal and introspective, and also begins with a foggy morning in the Waikato.


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Ramp Podcast with Mark Hamilton

Journalist Aimie Cronin connects with photographer Mark Hamilton about finding inspiration during lockdown, and the things he learned and had to unlearn before his photography became a career.

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