Shannon Novak

  • 28 Sep - 18 Oct, 2018
  • RampTalk: Thur 27 Sep, 4 - 5pm
  • Opening event: Thur 27 Sep, 5 - 7pm


Join us for the opening of Unbounded at Ramp Gallery - an exhibition of works by Auckland based artist Shannon Novak - on Thursday 27 Sept from 5pm.

Novak has worked extensively in New Zealand and internationally, with his work often appearing in public spaces.  His work is recognisable to many in the art world and in cities around New Zealand. Bright, colour-dense shapes morph across public spaces and institutional galleries; abstract paintings and architectural interventions boldly speak a new language with their own visual system of meaning embedded in them. 

Containing a mix of re-staged and new works - Novak’s familiar use of geometric shapes and visual systems of communication are present in this exhibition, but there is also a sense of connection to the lived experience of himself as a person and as an artist. With a conscious decision to place his own story within the reading of these works, Novak opens up new possibilities for his practice in Unbounded.

Unbounded is a bold and personal insight into Novak's practice and is a must-see. 

Join us at 4pm, just prior to the opening event, for a #RampTalk event with Shannon Novak.  Hear Shannon talk about his artistic practice and discuss his thoughts about Unbounded at Ramp Gallery.

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