Worm, root, wort... & bane

Ann Shelton

  • 13 June - 31 July, 2024

Ann Shelton’s work has reminded me that our gallery is like a clearing in the woods. A place to gather, share, act, whisper spells, and make plans.

In this iteration of the ongoing series Ann has been generous, she has let the audience into her library to see a small selection of the volumes that make up her work. In this room we have an open archive of power relations, access to knowledge about health, history, and the skills of the body that have sometimes been called witchcraft.

To encounter Ann’s work is to encounter a powerful sense of intention, a decisiveness and clarity that points to deep oblique bodies of knowledge. Revealing her sources is a feminist gesture, and invitation to act against the violence of ignorance.

Tamsin Green, Curator


On Tuesday 30th July at 12pm, Ann Shelton will be in conversation with writer Cassandra Barnett at Ramp having an in person talk about the works.

Join us from 3pm on the same day at Neat Bar, where they have developed a signature cocktail inspired by the works.


 Find below the catalogue essay The Season of the Witch written by Jane Ursula Harris.